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A crowdsourced list of bruxism remedies.

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Teeth grinding remedies

An online, crowdsourced and curated overview of treatments that can help with teeth grinding (bruxism). We hope gives you your 😊 back!

We grouped the treatments in the following categories (according to the taxonomy used in [1]):


Bruxism is often associated with stress, with specifically emotional stress and anxiety to be the main triggering factor. To avoid bruxism, these causes must be dealt with. Possible remedies and techniques:


Drugs, stimulants, diets, can cause bruxism, or help you reduce the symptoms.

Physical therapy

Bruxism is caused by increased jaw-muscle activity, as such specific muscle orientated treatments like stretching, trigger point treatment, dry needling can help treat it.


Occlusal splints (aka ‘dental guards’) work by mechanically protecting the teeth. They typically do not reduce the bruxing activity itself. In specific cases, surgerly like bite or dental Corrections can be considered.


Other options include:



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